Saying Goodbye

We all hope that our pets will live to a ripe old age and when the time comes they will just curl up in their favourite place and go to sleep. Unfortunately, it does not always work this way. Euthanasia is the most difficult decision to make for a loved pet but it is also the most important. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the heartache felt in trying to choose the ‘right time’ and we are here to advise and support you through this difficult time.

As vets we recognise our responsibility to ensure we make the last moments of your pets life pass with peace and dignity. At Huckleberry Vets we have a dedicated quiet and calm room with comfortable seating, softer light and a warmer feel. ‘The Light Room’ ensures you are not caught up in the middle of a busy consultation period and means you can spend some time with your pet before and after their passing. We will treat you and your pet with the utmost care and respect and you will never be rushed through the process. Some owners like to be present and remain with their pet, however, some prefer to remember them in better days so choose not to stay. The choice is yours.

A euthanasia entails giving your pet an extra dose of an anaesthetic drug by intravenous injection that allows your pet to fall asleep peacefully. Your vet will talk you fully through the process and may also administer a sedative before the final injection if appropriate, to ensure there is minimal stress for you and your pet during this emotional time.

After the procedure you may wish to take your pet home for burial, or we can offer a cremation service. For cremations we use a local service called The Meadows Pet Crematorium . If you request an individual cremation, they will collect your pet directly from us and return your pets ashes the following day.

We understand that there is a lot to consider at this difficult time but we hope the information on this page will help to reduce the distress of this time. However, if you have any further questions regarding euthanasia then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We want to leave a long-lasting tribute to all of the pets our clients have lost. This is why we have chosen to plant a tree in their memory.